We have had a number of calls from “mature” students who say that they used the Betakit in years gone by but now they are embarking on a new course of study and can’t find their CDs. Here are some stories from telecalls or email. 
Most of these stories have appeared first in the Maati Talk Newsletters.

Adult student
Thank you for the Betakit I bought on 27.10.09 mainly to help with my high stress and it worked very well. I was able to do the 30 min exercise and as promised I felt bright and re-energized afterwards. I am now using it regularly at home and will start using the other CD in the program, next year. I now have confidence in the product and know it works.
Thank you. Hannelie [Ref 0410]

HvZ enquiring about latest versions. (His Caps.)

“A few years ago when I was about 40 years old I had to study for a multiple choice exam. This consisted of three exams. You had 3 days to study 1000 questions and then do a 100 question exam and this was repeated 3 times over a planned 10 days. I used the focus CD AND STUDIED 10 HRS A DAY.
I was able to complete the three exams after 7 days scoring 97%, 93%, and 98%.
I still use it today especially when I have to concentrate. H v Z.”

Pieter, young adult.
He tells me that doing some reading on study methods he landed on our webpage and reading all the information realised that he might have been ADHD all his life and this was part of his perpetual problem with studying. Since he has been using the CDS this confirms his suspicions.

He finds using the Recharge CD has reduced his stress and the sleep programs are wonderful. He says: “To wake up in the morning feeling good is like a Gift of Life.” Pieter is a distant learner and finds with this new feeling of well-being that he could, in fact, study better. He was delighted to shift his marks from 50% to over 70%. Now his aim is for some distinctions for next year.

Christine is an artist and body therapist.
Christine realises she is on the edge of burnout. She feels highly stressed and is getting panic attacks and can’t sleep and the worry of financial survival has her to near total collapse. Plus she knows all the symptoms of stress and treats others but is not been able to find solution for herself. [Familiar story?]

Her therapist recommended the Settle and Grow CDS and she started using the Recharge and Sleep programs. It worked! She has found that when she feels a panic attack coming, and it is appropriate, she just stops and has a 24 minute Recharge. Afterwards she says she can continue to function normally.

She is using the sleep program regularly and has been able to reduce her medication to only a maintenance dose. She is now, for the first time in months, able to start painting again and this is really helping with her relaxation as well

She is also beginning to use the Balanced Brain CD when she paints and what a difference it has made to her work. [You can play the Balanced Brain CD in the background while you paint as it assists your brain to a creative Alpha state.]

Henry adult student.
“I bought the Sound Study System program at the end of June this year and was kind of keen to try it but also very sceptical. I started using the Absorb CD and over a period of a week I noticed that I was concentrating better. I then also used the memory CD for learning to recall the work.

Suddenly I started feeling more confident and my assignment marks for July were better than any assignments before. I came to the conclusion that using these programs has a compounding effect. The more you use it while studying the better the results. I am now in the swing of the use of programs and have seen some results and will continue with more confidence.

I have not used the sleep program yet but I seem to feel more rested in the mornings and am less stressed. I am certainly going to try the Recharge this weekend. Thank you for your support.”

Stories from a practising clinical psychologist:
There is a little boy in our school who suffers from severe panic and anxiety attacks.  He has attended therapy for nearly two years now.  At the end of 2004 I played  a Settle and Grow relaxation CD during his last two sessions.  When he came for his first session in 2005 and I asked him what he would like to talk about today, his reply was:  "Let's not talk but rather listen to the CD". [I wonder why?]
A professional colleague had to go for extensive medical tests and procedures. The side-effect of all the medicine was that she did not sleep well at all. In addition she was very anxious and stressed from all the worries and uncertainties she was facing. She was very sceptical when I told her about the CDs but I told her that she had nothing to lose. So she tried them and they helped her to sleep better and to be more relaxed. She still uses the CDs, so I can’t get them back!

I have also used the Settle and Grow CDs for my Personal and Social Development or Life Skills lessons.  Just before the end of the year exams we talked about exam anxiety, stress etc.  I played the CDs in the background for all the groups and the effect was amazing. For the first time that year the Form 1's were all quiet at the same time. Everybody commented on how relaxed they felt.  This showed me that the CDs can be used very effectively in group situations as well. [There is a set of CDs called MOHPRO developed especially for Educators and Therapists.]

‘n Storie van ‘n Arbeidtherapeut:
“Maati,  baie dankie vir my Settle and Grow program wat al maande in die kas gelê het. Verlede week was ‘n rowwe week in ons huis en Woensdagaand was Ruben (my 9 jaarige seun) so opgewonde oor al die planne vir die vakansie  dat hy net nie aan die slaap kon raak nie. Ons besluit toe om na  die “Oogle-Google” storie te luister en hy wou daarna luister deur sy oorfone.

Ek  was verbaas om hom vas aan die slaap te vind na minder as vyf minute en ek het saggies die oorfone afgehaal.
Hy het eers weer wakker geword die volgende oggend iets baie ongehoorts vir hom want gewoonlik word hy altyd weer wakker in die nag.  Ek het opgemerk dat hy die volgende dag meer rustig was. En nou is ons familie  baie opgewonde om al die programme te gebruik. As die slaap program so goed werk dan moet die ander ook werk.
Groete, Santé.”

Louise, in her mid-forties in the hospitality trade.
On her feet the whole day. Tells me that she is so tired at night that she can’t fall asleep, legs aching, feet sore and just not being able to cope with the daily high stress. She started using one of the sleep programs from the Settle and Grow. 

She says: “Maati, I have had a sleep problem with awful nightmares for as long as I can remember. Using the program the nightmares have gone. I sleep like a baby and feel so refreshed in the morning. Last Wednesday night I forgot to use the program when I went to bed. Woke up in the early hours of the morning with the most awful nightmare dreaming that my cats had been mutilated. [Louise is a passionate cat lover.]  I asked myself why this is happening again after nights of better sleep. I realised that I had forgotten to use my sleep program. Next night it was back with my earphones and CD. And, of course, had a full night’s peaceful sleep.  To fall asleep with the gentle sound of the ocean in my ears is really something to look forward to.
I am better able to cope with the December rush.  Thank you for “prescribing” this for me. I would never have thought of it myself. If anybody questions whether it works you may give them my telephone number.

Emma, mother
She tells me she has been very ill and in hospital and has not started using the Settle and Grow programs with daughter but has found the Sleep programs from the CD kit invaluable in her own healing process. [We wish her good healing and a comfortable homecoming. ]
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