Its all in the mind. Games to play when you wake up in the early morning and can’t go back to sleep. Decide which of the following games you would like to play , turn over your pillow, get comfy, close your eyes and start.

You can play or decide to stop.

If you don’t like something, put a No Entry sign over it and don’t go there.

You can see in your mind’s eye or hear in your mind’s ear or use a Combination of the two.

See yourself self in picture or see as you usually do.

Stay focused. In other words don’t begin to think of other things such as what you need to do the next morning. You control the Game.


You can think up more yourself. Give them a name so you can go back to them.

Here are my suggestions: Housebound, Younger and Younger, Cooke’s Tour, Family and Friends, Secret Garden, Designer and Auld Lang Syne.


In this game you go, in your mind, to the house where you spent most of you childhood from about 4 years old. Start at the front gate and slowly see in your mind’s eye the path to the front door. Open the door and go in and slowly make your way around each room in turn. Notice the furniture, the ceiling, the floor. Did any of the floorboards creak? Were any of the walls a weird colour? What pictures were on the wall? Then when you have eventually finished touring the inside go outside. Find the special places you used as hiding places. Look over the fence to the neighbour’s house and garden.

You get the idea of the Game? Of course.

You can also visit other houses that you have lived in.


Now you have the idea try this one. Here you look at your own life and find some of the key incidents that you can remember. 

Start when you are, say, twelve. Can you remember your birthday party? Who was there? Can you see them and remember their names?

Then try and remember when you were eleven. And so on. Most people can only remember a few things earlier than three years. How about you?

RULE: If it’s unpleasant: Put a No Entry sign and Stop


In days gone by, Cooke’s organised travel tours.
In this game, you take trip a somewhere away from your home town. It can be a trip you actually did or one you would like to do.

On this trip what do you see? Who do you meet? What was so special? See the buildings; hear the strange music; meet the people.


In this game you try and remember your whole family going back as far as you can. Grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc.

Hear and see them. Can you remember their names?  Remember that if you do not want to meet an unpleasant relative, just put a No Entry sign over them.


In this game you go into your secret garden and, to start with, just enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Notice the flowers and birds and little animals. 

You can go to this secret garden many times because there are a few rules: The door to the garden has a key both inside and out and only you have the key. No-one else can get in. so you are completely safe. There is a tall tower inside near door so no matter where you go in the garden you can never get lost and can always get out again.

Some people go to their garden on a regular basis (not only at 3 in the morning) and in addition to just enjoying it, build a little chapel where they go for a quiet time and prayer.


In this Sleepy game you can be a designer of anything you want: a special house, a Church, a Garden, a Village, a Hide-away in the hills.

First you design it in as much detail as you can and then you build it step by step. This may take you a couple of sessions.

AULD LANG SYNE “The Times Gone By”

In this game you try and recall all the special and joyous times of your life. The people and places that gave you pleasure especially the little pleasures. You can break this down over a couple of  session: one for your schooldays, one for your job activities, one for you holidays. And don’t say you have never had any pleasure. Just go looking and see what you will find.


During your sleepy Game do you think you will fall asleep again? In most cases you will peacefully fall asleep with extra pleasant dreams. But you may find, as we do, that you don’t remember how far you got before you fell asleep.

Sweet dreams!
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