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Like most good ideas Maati’s Market has developed over the years.

I, Maati, starting working with my husband, Cedric, a retired Industrial Psychologist, in 1992.

The Betakit.
After many false starts and years of private research we developed the Beta Study System using Modulated Offset Harmonic (MOH) frequencies also known as Binaural Beats. The first two-tape set and single CD was launched in 1998.
    These audio programs helped students of all ages bring their brain to the ideal state for study, relaxation and sleep. Most of the time, these states are reached in a natural way but when one does not FEEL like concentrating the programs certainly help. 
    Also, some, usually young, people, as a result of TV and computer games have great difficulty studying from non-moving written material. It is here that the audio frequencies on the Betakit CDs are most useful helping the brain to the appropriate state for study. Once you experience how it feels to be in this state you are able to get there without the help of the frequencies.

Settle and Grow.

At an International ADHD Conference in March 2002, someone remarked: “Aah, the Betakit, the poor man’s neurotherapy kit.”  Well that really started us thinking. We knew that many students, who we now realise were probably undiagnosed ADD, had been helped to concentrate on their studies using the MOH frequencies in the Betakit. So why not develop a kit especially for an ADHD brain and include some relaxation programs for the rest of the family? This resulted in the Settle and Grow set of seven CDs launched in July 2003.


As we became more and more interested in the ADHD syndrome so we realised that both of us had been ADD all our lives.  We have managed to get along OK but the effects, both good and not-so-good, are now still with us in our later years. The more we studied the more we were able to help ourselves and with this knowledge help others.  For example, we have both been interested in nutrition for many years and especially the need for Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid. We find that the ADD brain is usually depleted of this nutrient (DHA) and it needs to be taken as a supplement.

Ongoing Contacts.

We subscribe to the idea of “High Tech, High Touch” suggesting that with all this new technology we still need to actually talk to each other, and listen and have empathy.
            These days Cedric is just about deaf so, as in years past I, Maati, spend time talking, listening and corresponding with mothers and therapists of various types around Southern Africa. It is always a heart-wrenching experience when the mother, (usually a single parent), is told by the school that her child, her special child, has this dreaded thing called ADHD and she really knows nothing about it let alone what to do. This is when the resources of books, notes and programs we have built up over the years are so useful. There are solutions; there are interventions, a slightly different mix for each child. And we have found that children from about 5 years on are able to understand their “difference” and so handle their “problem” with realism and intelligence.     The suggested first step is for the mother to become better informed about the syndrome by reading and joining a local support group.

So from the two of us,
“Let’s share the journey”,


PS. Now in 2017 we are more-or-less retired with all our aches and pains and have moved to a home for the aged. But we still have some stock of the Sound Study System and Settle and Grow kits. We send parcels by Aramex courier at R100.00 for a parcel anywhere in South Africa. We can only post on a Tuesday so you should get the parcel the the next morning. Pay by credit card or bank transfer. Email us and we will send you our bank details.

We find that some students who used the Betakit years ago have now either got kids of their own or are continuing their own studies. So they are pleased to find us and get the Betakit upgrade ie the Sound Study System.


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